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When talking with a contractor sometimes the jargon bandied about can be a bit ... well, intimidating. We know that, and thought a list of some of the more commonly used terms might be helpful in understanding, communicating your needs, and ultimately, in helping you select the right contractor for your roofing project.

ARE Restoration, LLC. is available to answer any specific question you may have regarding your roofing system, or roofing systems in general. Explore this page, and then feel free to contact us with any questions.


Copper-smith (tin-smith): A mechanic who works from copper and sheet metal to fabricate and install various products, i.e. copper roofing, flashings, gutters.

Cornice: A horizontal molding that projects along the top of a wall, building, etc.; a projecting, decorative strip above a window.

Course: A single horizontal row of shingles.

Cupola: A light structure on a dome or roof serving as a belfry, lantern, or belvedere.

Dormer: A window set upright in a sloping roof; the roofed projection in which this window is set.

Eave: The lower horizontal edge or edges of a roof.

Fascia: A flat horizontal band or member between moldings, specifically along the horizontal surface directly below the roof’s eave.

Finial: An ornamental feature, generally located at the end of a gable, pinnacle, etc.

Flashing: Metal (or other material) used to weatherproof joints, edges, etc., where roofing intersects with a vertical surface, i.e., side-walls, chimneys, etc.

Gable: Triangular wall enclosed by the sloping ends of a ridged roof.

Gable Roof: A ridged roof forming a gable at each end. Also known as an "up and over."

Gutter: A trough along the eaves to catch, collect and move, rainwater.

Hip Roof: A four-sided roof meeting in hips (sloping ends and sides).

Leader (downspout): Vertical pipe used to drain water from a roof.

Leader head: Ornamental catch-basin located at the top of some leaders.

Patina: A fine film developing on bronze or copper-usually green or greenish-blue-formed by natural oxidation and often valued for its ornamental quality.

Pitch: Referring to the slope of a roof plane.

Ridge: The horizontal line formed at a roof's peak, by the meeting of its two sloping surfaces. Standing-seam copper roofing: Method of copper roofing installation (used on 4"+ pitch applications) whereby long vertical sections of copper are joined together with a locked "standing seam."

Flat-seam copper roofing: Method of copper roofing installation (used on 4"- pitch applications) whereby square and rectangular panels of copper are fitted and locked together into a "flat seam" which is then soldered.

Slate: A naturally occurring stone that is mined before being hand formed into dense and long-lasting roofing shingles.

Soffit: The flat/horizontal surface underside of an eave, cornice, etc.

Solder: A tin/lead amalgamation used for joining or patching metal.

Tile: A shingle formed from glazed or unglazed fired clay, stone or concrete, used for roofing, flooring, etc.

Underlayment: Paper or rubberoid weather barrier installed to directly to sheathing, beneath roofing material.

Valley: Section of flashing where two (sloping) roof planes intersect.

Weathering slate: Slate shingles which gradually change color (weathering) when in contact with the elements.


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