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When it comes time for you to install, repair, or replace your roof, contact ARE Restoration, LLC. for the best advice on material selection.

A fine slate roof is for the ages, lasting longer, and adding far more character than any ordinary roof material ever could. Much the same, tile roofs can be seen offering distinction to some of the finest homes in the country-in many instances, lasting over a hundred years. And no other roofing material can offer the durability and aesthetic qualities of a hand-crafted copper roof-adding beauty and value to any home.


Copper roofing; when properly installed, there is nothing better. No other metal used in architecture can measure up to the long-lasting beauty of natural copper. But then again, we're slightly prejudiced as we've fabricated and designed some of the most innovative (and traditional) copper roofs in the area. When other contractors and roofers need the best in copper work they often turn to us, because at ARE we still insist on using time-tested methods of installation long abandoned in favor of those more time-efficient (read; cheaper). But copper work has been done this way for so long for a reason- it's work that can't be rushed, work that requires skill, foresight, and especially, a close attention to detail. When installed this way a copper roof delivers the maximum return in beauty and durability for the investment- we won't give up quality in favor of a bit more profit.

When most people think of tile roofing, Spanish Tile is what springs to mind. Orange and barrel shaped, and seen atop homes from Maine to Florida, California to New York, Spanish Tile is the most popular tile going, but not the only type- not by a long shot. Tile comes in a multitude of shapes and sizes, in an array of breathtaking colors and textures, and is formed from everything from clay to concrete to ceramic. Meaning that there is a tile type made to best suit the needs of your home. And with ARE, you know all the installation details- the ones that make for a worry-free job-will be seen to. So if you want to learn more about tile-be it Norman or French, Japanese or Mission-and the best fit for your home, call us. (Even if you want to talk about Spanish tile.)

Nothing says quality and care like a natural slate roof.

The many styles of slate roofing available-colors and textures, patterns and sizes-can offer your home a wide range of looks, from the most rugged to the most elegant, and all of them beautiful and long lasting. And with ARE once the job is done you can relax, knowing it was done right. That's because we install slate the way it was meant to be installed-the old-fashioned way, the way it's been done for centuries, the way we were taught. And we stand behind that with our word and our guarantee. We're not going anyplace.


Natural materials give a home a special feel.

And of the natural materials, none offer the warmth of a traditional wood shingle roof. Be it the crisp and clean look of wood shingles, or the rugged and rustic appearance of hand-split shakes, we use only the finest "blue label" number one grade cedar. And, you can be sure we take no shortcuts when it comes to installation, as each material is installed to the exacting specifications of the Cedar Shingle and Shake Bureau. At ARE we also take the grief and guesswork out of cedar shingle maintenance by offering maintenance contracts; on a regular and preset schedule, we'll come to clean and treat your new roof with preservative and fungicide. Making it a beautiful investment that will last for years.

While we may specialize in slate and cedar we know that the vast majority of homes are roofed in asphalt shingles. That's why we offer the same level of care and expertise to install asphalt roofing as we offer on the highest-end materials and on multimillion-dollar renovation projects. If you're looking for just another throw-'em-on shingler, we're probably not going to be for you. But if you want your home treated as the special place that it is, we'd love to get together and talk roofing possibilities. We offer a wide range of popular materials that reflect the latest in asphalt and architectural shingles.

Call us; doing the job right is not as expensive as you may think!


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